1 - The Secret of Quaoar

NEBULAR takes you into the year 2113 – 
a time when nationalistic interests are things of the past. United in the federation of the Solar Union, Humanity faces its greatest challenge – the conquest of space. Manned spaceships have already reached the outer edges of the Solar System and are advancing into the Kuiper Belt.



The most distant outpost is located on Neptune’s moon Triton, a freezing cold world, where scientists and private mining companies are braving the harsh conditions. Their aim is to explore the outer belt and to search for crucial natural resources needed by humankind. Around two thousand men and women are stationed on Triton on a permanent basis. 

One of their main targets is to get in contact with fellow alien civilisations. Scientists use the remote location of Triton to align their antenna arrays towards the stars in the search for extraterrestrial life. Unconsciously, most Humans hope these alien cultures will be similar to us and that Humanity will be able to learn from these beings. So far the radio telescopes on Triton have been unsuccessful to intercept signals of intelligent origin. It is almost as if alien civilisations don’t want to communicate with Humanity.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist …


By Ralf Zeigermann & Thomas Rabenstein
English translation by Ralf Zeigermann
Version: 2016-08-01
© 2016 SciFi-World Medien, all rights reserved

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