32 - Frost Artifacts

We write 17th April of the year 2120. There are peace and confidence on the worlds of the Solar Union. Six years have passed since the activation of the five Jamal-Combs and the successful defense against the parasite galaxy. Six years in which Humanity began to realize that complex cosmic entanglements were linked to this sinister threat and how close the Galaxy had come to a devastating disaster. If anything can be learned from these past events, then it is the need for a galactic cooperation of all galactic peoples to counter such threats. Although the Galactic Brotherhood disintegrated and seems to have vanished in the turmoil of the past, a new alliance, consisting of former allies and other friendly galactic nations needed to be created.

To achieve this objective, the Solar Union, and many galactic nations, came together and established the Galactic Cooperation Council, an organization intended to primarily serve the exploration of the Milky Way and its satellite galaxies. With its billions of stars, our galaxy is not nearly fully explored and holds many mysteries and secrets. Humanity makes sudden technological advances, aided by the Galactic Cooperation Council. Every trip to a new solar system is connected with new discoveries.

Humans, Progonauts, Shwakans, Krolakans, Neo-Sapiens, Chiropters and other nations begin to intensify the exchange of knowledge, share new technologies, give mutual assistance, and research together to solve previously unsolved riddles. Within the GCC, Humans benefit most from the galactic cooperation since the Solar Union currently stands only at the threshold of the tachyon era.

Already, the first Human remote expedition, led by Horatio Takahashi, commander of the research cruiser Nebular, shows that new dangers are looming. A tachyon valve, best described as a perforation of the separating layer between the Einstein Universe and the standard track of the Tachyon Continuum, almost led to the destruction of the ship. There was an unexpected interruption of the faster-than-light flight which resulted in an accident close to an unknown world, which was given the name Crashpoint. Before the Nebular crew was able to explore the alien planet further, a mysterious, powerful spaceship appeared close the tachyon valve.

After closing the tachyon valve, the commander of the ship, a Guardian of the Continuum and a powerful and angry being, accused Humanity of being responsible for the tachyon anomaly. Only at the last second and using a mysterious message, Toiber Arkroid, who has been missing since the events surrounding the Great Tremor, saved the Nebular crew from the attack of the Guardian vessel. Almost at the same time, other developments in the Solar System are taking shape. Hugh Fosset, Privateer and still the richest man of the Solar System, takes off with his new space cruiser Solar Pride and flies toward the outer system sectors. The adventurer seems to be driven by a new obsession and is eager to explore the frozen, cold outer regions of the Solar System. He is looking for: Frost Artifacts


Episode 32, Frost Artifacts First
Issued: 2016-06-30
© 2016 SciFi-World Medien Verlag
Written by Thomas Rabenstein
Translation: Michael Koeckritz, Canada
Cover by: Arndt Drechsler